Speaker Profile: Andrew Bibby

Building an Economy for People Not Profit
January 21st 2016
Speaker profile: Andrew Bibby

ABibbyThe co-operative movement hasn’t always seen the public sector as out of bounds for co-operative models as Andrew will reveal.

Andrew is a writer and journalist who writes regularly on cooperative business and on mutuals and social enterprise. He is the author of the recently published All Our Own Work (Merlin Press), a study of the 19th century workers’ cooperative

He contributed a chapter to Co-operatives UK’s recent The Co-operative Advantage book and has also undertaken work in recent years for the International Co-operative Alliance, the International Cooperative & Mutual Insurance Federation, and the ILO COOP branch.

He is a former member of a workers’ cooperative and a former co-operative development agency worker and is active in developing the proposed Workers’ Coop Archive project, to ensure records from the later 20th century are preserved.

He blogs regularly on cooperative matters at bibbyoncooperatives.org and has an extensive website at

Andrew writes,
“A phone call comes in today from Phil Frampton of Co-operative Business Consultants, who is one of the organisers of the conference next month entitled Ways Forward: Building an Economy to Serve People not Profit.

I mentioned this event on an earlier blog, but I’m pleased to see how the programme has come together since then. One very interesting session should be the one where John McDonnell MP debates the way forward as regards forms of public ownership with Molly Scott Cato, an old friend of the coop movement and now a Green MEP.

As Phil put it to me today, Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour leader is an opportunity for us to reopen old debates about the best way to ensure democratic forms of business ownership, including the possibilities of building a relationship between cooperative and state ownership models. I’ll be contributing among other things some observations on how this same debate took place in the very early years of the Labour party in Britain.

Good to see a strong trade union input in the programme too, including a senior PCS official.”

The “Building An Economy To Serve People And Not Profit” conference will take place in Manchester on Thursday 21st January (10am-4pm) in the Central Hall.
Admission (including lunch and refreshments) is £45.00

For further details, www.wf4.eventbrite.co.uk or contact Phil phil@cbc.coop 07901 338700

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