Speaker Profile: Milly Gaskin

Building an Economy to Serve People Not Profit
January 21st 2016
Session Speaker: Milly Gaskin
Co-operatives and the Public Sector

Milly Gaskin Many trade unionists justifiably fear that workforces hived off from the public sector face attacks on their terms and conditions. Milly Gaskin at Leading Lives will offer her assessment for the workforce and business, which two years ago was part of Suffolk County Council but since then has been a co-op.

Leading Lives supports Adults with Learning Disabilities but through transformation and growth is expanding to support other vulnerable adults and younger people in transition. The workforce had previously been employed by Suffolk County Council. The co-operative has 370 members and a workforce of over 500 employees covering the whole of Suffolk.

Milly Gaskin was chair of the first elected board of Leading Live. At Leading Lives, she holds the employee engagement portfolio role .Milly devised and developed the membership training and cooperative understanding work within the organisation to enable the TUPED workforce to have a good understanding of the new model and to be able to make an informed choice as to whether they wished to join the cooperative. She visited Italy in Spring 2015 to look at how its social care coops have grown and developed over the last 30 years and to bring that learning into her co-op.

The “Building An Economy To Serve People And Not Profit” conference will take place in Manchester on Thursday 21st January (10am-4pm) in the Central Hall.
Admission (including lunch and refreshments) is £45.00

For further details, www.wf4.eventbrite.co.uk or contact Phil phil@cbc.coop 07901 338700

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