Speaker Notes: Mike Shaw

Mike Shaw speaking #WF4.  Image by © Jonathan Nicholson/NurPhoto/Corbis

Mike Shaw speaking #WF4. Image by © Jonathan Nicholson/NurPhoto/Corbis

Mike spoke passionately about:

  • reflections on the day
  • The need to rescue and reinvigorate the radical and socialist histories and ideals of the co-operative movement to utterly transform the entirety of society and economy, not just to run shops. Eg. of Robert Owen and the Rochdale Pioneers.
  • The role co-ops can/should play in bolstering other social movements eg. labour movement, environmentalism
  • How co-ops can bring in and be relevant to younger generations
  • The careful line we need to tread between collectivist, socialist visions and capitalism with a friendly face, marketising public services etc.

You can view his closing remarks, part of the clsong plenary,here

Mike Shaw is a Network Co-ordinator for Students for Cooperation. He became active in the co-operative movement through co-founding the Edinburgh Student Housing Co-operative whilst studying maths and physics at the University of Edinburgh. He was also a trustee and elected officer for Edinburgh University Students’ Association and active in the NUS, the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts and Edinburgh Uncut.

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