About CBC

Co-operative Business Consultants is a co-operative consortium of individuals and organisations committed to social justice through solidarity co-ops. We operate in the UK and Ireland.

For over a decade we have built a solid reputation for our high quality services to co-ops, working with many start-ups as well as existing businesses.

CBC is active in finding new ways forward and promoting democracy and accountability within the co-operative movement. Since 2014 we have hosted five major conferences and submitted popular proposals to Co-op Congress UK.

We have a unique and principled track record for successful co-op responses to key social justice issues including fair trade, organic food and farming, fan-funded football stadiums, Palestinian solidarity olive oil, credit unions and co-op identity.

CBC directors currently include Jo Bird, Bob Cannell and Martin Meteyard. CBC Associates include Trademark Belfast, Footprint, Sharenergy and North West Housing Services.

Our clients include co-operative businesses, and programmes run by Co-operative Development Scotland, the Plunkett Foundation and others. We do not work for The Hive programme as it is funded by the “Co-operative” Bank.

All of the consultants at CBC are experienced and committed co-operators. We understand the challenges, and the opportunities, that face new, growing and established co-operative enterprises.

Together we have a wide range of skills that can be brought to any project to help our clients succeed. Click on the name of the consultant to learn more.


CBC is recruiting associates to join our network in the UK and Ireland.

What are the benefits of joining CBC?

  1. Tailored mutual support with other activists and advisors
  2. Professional development and training (on-line and in person)
  3. Shared marketing, inc CV promotion, website, projects, bids
  4. Access to CBC’s resources, market intelligence and contacts
  5. Experienced CBC mentor
  6. Paid freelance work, subject to relevant expertise for the job
  7. Associates may become CBC directors with more say and profile

What contributions are expected?

  1. Take part in at least a third of online CBC meetings per year (half for Directors)
  2. Open & honest two-way communication, inc about other interests
  3. £10 or €12 subscription per month, and/or voluntary CBC work
  4. Directors also contribute voluntary internal CBC work such as marketing, chair, secretary, treasurer and mentoring of associates

How do I join CBC?

Associates and directors must have first-hand experience of working in or with democratic co-operatives, credit unions, trade unions or other solidarity economy organisations. To talk about joining, please contact Bob Cannell on +44 7870 304027 or through FacebookTo apply to join, please e-mail your relevant experience or CV to bob@cbc.coop