Andrew Woodcock


Email: andy[at]
Phone: 01773 850 493


Andy has been involved in co-operatives since leaving university in 1998. During this time he has helped set-up and lived in 2 housing co-operatives for a period of 13 years. Worked in 2 workers co-ops including Catalyst, and been involved in the running of 2 secondary co-ops, The Rainbow Centre and Radical Routes.


Through his involvement in Radical Routes, a national secondary co-operative, he has provided business and financial planning advice to over 45 housing and worker co-ops. He has also organised successful participatory budget exercises and managed a large co-operative loan fund with £500,000 now out on loan to small co-operatives.

Andy also works for Catalyst a registered sponsoring body for Housing Co-operative registration. Through which he also prepares year end accounts for various co-ops and campaigning groups.

Andy also works as a book keeper for a renewable energy company T4 Sustainability and has experience in VAT returns, PAYE and the Construction Industry Scheme.

Through the Rainbow Centre, a resource and social centre in Nottingham, Andy has experience of running a successful bar and café business, as well as managing volunteers.

Andy also has experience buying property collectively through his two housing co-operatives and the Rainbow Centre Ltd (trading as the Sumac Centre)


Andy’s Speciality is Business Planning and Finance. From managing a loan fund to producing or assessing business plans and cash-flow forecasts.

Andy also understands and can help set up financial systems, from record keeping, PAYE, VAT to the Construction Industry Scheme.

Andy has worked on Co-operative registration and legal requirements

Andy’s preferred sectors are Housing, Renewable Energy, Food, Woodland Management and Country Crafts and he works best with small co-ops


Leeds Bread Co-operative
Operation Farm
Screaming Carrot Vegetarian Bakery

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