Dr Stephen Nolan

e-mail: stevie[at]trademarkbelfast.com
phone: 07801 189971
skype: stiofanonuallain


Co-Director – Trademark, Anti-sectarian Unit, Irish Congress of Trade Unions


  • Member and Director of Northern Ireland Co-operative Forum
  • Trademark 2001 to present, functions as worker’s co-operative
  • Redroof 2010 to present – progressive events company, wholly owned subsidiary of Trademark, converting to an independant co-operative.
  • Belfast Cleaning Company 2011 – Cross community interface co-operative
  • Establishment of Workers co-operative network 2011
  • Advisor to cooperatives, 2011 to present – including Na Croisbhealai, Just Books, West Belfast Taxi Association


  • Trade unions – political education, political economy, workers rights
  • Community/voluntary – mediation and conflict resolution, history & politics, anti-sectarianism, anti-racism, strategic planning, social economy
  • Irish language – Sectoral development, fundraising, linguistic rights, lobbying


  • Bill of Rights Forum (Good Friday Agreement) 2009, Appointed by NIC – ICTU representative body 221,000 workers
  • Shop steward Counteract anti-intimidation unit ICTU (8 members)
  • Elected Member Queen’s Union Club – QUB Student’s Union (8,000 members)


Masters in Law (LLM) International Human Rights Law, University of Ulster, 2007
Including Transitional Justice, Workers Rights, Linguistic rights

Doctorate, Critical Discourse Analysis, Queens University of Belfast, 2002
Political discourse of Republicanism and Loyalism

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