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Sharenergy is a not-for-profit organisation which helps communities find, build and own renewable energy generation: we are currently working with hydro power, wind, biomass, biogas and solarprojects from our base in the Marches and throughout the UK.
Sharenergy began its existence in 2008 as a sub-project of Energy4All, the UK’s pre-eminent developer of community renewable energy projects. In 2011 Sharenergy was established as an independent co-operative focusing on medium scale projects.


Sharenergy is established to help renewable co-operatives get up and running and provides a wide range of services to this end. We always work closely with community groups and aim to fill in the gaps in their knowledge and capabilities. The main services we offer are:

  • Site finding and initial assessment (using GIS, maps and local knowledge)
  • Landowner engagement (we have our own draft legal documents)
  • Business modeling (using our proven financial models)
  • Co-op setup (we have our own set of Model Rules for Co-ops)
  • Share offers (writing, marketing and running)
  • Technical, Regulatory and Installation (support to find and manage specialists)
  • Co-op administration (ongoing admin services for co-ops)
  • Training and events (as speakers, workshop co-ordinators or trainers)


Sharenergy offers its services on a consultancy basis, on a fixed price or day rate, working with community groups in receipt of grant or other funding. Clients to date include Ham HydroTutbury Eco PowerBrixton EnergyMESS

Supported Projects

Sharenergy runs a Revolving Fund. This enables us to put time and money into projects at the development stage which is then recovered when the project proceeds to share offer, but without penalty if the project cannot proceed for any reason.

Case studies

Sharenergy has been the principal support for the following established renewable energy co-ops:
Leominster Community Solar. 50kW Solar on Leisure centre in Herefordshire. £150,000 share offer. Installed Dec 2012. 93 members
Neen Sollars Community Hydro. 15kW hydro on old mill site in Shropshire. £150,000 share offer. Installation underway Oct 2012. 74 members
Woolhope Woodheat. UK’s first Renewable Heat co-op. £325,000 share offer. Installation of 200kW boiler underway Dec 2012. 170 members .


Sharenergy has three full-time specialist development staff in its Ludlow office:

Eithne George

Eithne George is a renewable energy expert, specialising in community owned enterprises. She has worked closely with a variety of community groups in the West Midlands and across the UK, in developing medium scale wind, solar photovoltaic and anaerobic digestion projects. This has involved technical feasibility work, project management, financial modelling and assisting groups in creating the correct legal structure for their enterprise.
Eithne has worked for Energy4All, Cambridge City Council and BioRegional. She is co-founder of the Hub, a shared working space for social enterprises and is an Unltd Level 2 Award winner for her work with Sharenergy. She is a board member at Sharenergy and at Leominster Community Solar.

Jon Hallé

Jon is a founder director and staff member at Sharenergy. In this role he has a wide remit from detailed support of individual projects through details of technical or planning matters to a nationwide strategic involvement with public, private and third sector bodies. Jon has a wide knowledge of renewable energy and works alongside technical experts across the technologies. His key roles within Sharenergy are in financial modeling, co-operative and share offer creation, site finding, landowner agreements, marketing and outreach.
Jon previously worked for Energy4All, was a director of Goldenfuels Co-op, CTO of internet startup Citipages, worked as a self-employed programmer for a number of small and large businesses, charities and environmental organisations, and campaigned with environmental organisations including The Land is Ours
Jon is a former Level 2 Unltd Award winner and winner of the RSA Onians Fellowship. He is a board member at Sharenergy and Company Secretary for a number of startup co-operatives.

Jeremy Thorp

Jeremy is an energy expert with a special interest in hydropower. Jeremy led on a community project in Newtown Powys to develop a 100kW hydro generator. He has worked for Marches Energy Agency, Household Energy Service and Cwm Harry on a wide variety of renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives. Prior to this, Jeremy spent several years working in the electricity industry, mainly on computer modelling of the transmission system. His qualifications include a degree in mathematics from Cambridge University, followed by modules in energy sustainability and environmental science through the Open University, and qualifications in domestic energy assessment through the NAEA.
Jeremy’s voluntary work was recognised in 2010 when he was awarded ‘Green Volunteer of the Year’ by the WCVA. He is also a keen electric cyclist and built his own energy efficient house. He is on the local area committee of the Co-operative group, and is a councillor in Newtown Town Council.