Campaign for Democratic Cooperation

Please take a couple of minutes to read then click on the link to the survey at the bottom of this page

Co-operative Business Consultants (CBC) has launched this survey to consider the creation of a broad Britain and Ireland-based campaign for cooperation. Its aim is to bring together individual cooperators and would-be cooperators to assist in developing the cooperative movement.

This would include actively defending the cooperative identity, assisting cooperative business development, face to face and online networking, modeling cooperatives as more economically and socially productive than capitalism and bureaucratic state control, and promoting a cooperative, democratic and solidarity economy.

A Positive Response to the Crises
CBC – and other groups such as Save Our Bank, Springboard, the Worker Co-op Solidarity Fund and Students for Co-operation – have organised positive responses to the crises that surrounded the Co-operative Group and Bank. CBC’s consultations, petition and three well attended Ways Forward national conferences have demonstrated:

  • An unmet thirst for open and democratic discussion about cooperation
  • A widespread desire for news of international cooperative best practice
  • An absence of a home for individual cooperators to be active supporters and advocates for co-operation
  • A passion for building the cooperative movement

Successful democratic cooperative movements need good communication and infrastructure. Cooperative Ways Forward would consider and prioritise providing ways of meeting these needs, such as those provided in the survey.

Membership of Cooperative Ways Forward would only be open to individuals, in the first phase, and on a one member one vote basis. Cooperators interested in developing the proposal will be invited to add their views for further shaping before those supportive of the new body come together to debate and vote on its form and purpose at the founding conference.

Send Us Your Views Now
Please complete the brief consultation available online at

For more information, please contact or .

Please kindly forward the consultation link to other co-operators.

And if you are able, please support the crowdfunding campaign too


5 thoughts on “Campaign for Democratic Cooperation

  1. Unfortunately have to work this weekend otherwise would have travelled up to Birmingham. Am fully supportive of progressing the Co operative on behalf of those that started it all off 150 years ago. Am saddened to see how the Co op has been portrayed and the turmoil it has been put through from the actions or inactions of those that held the reins of power. Now is the time to put the record straight and go on fighting for the principles, ethics and values that are the very backbone of the movement.

  2. Am working this weekend otherwise would be up in Birmingham. Fully supportive of helping to reinstate the Co operative principles, ethics and values that were so badly damaged over the past 18 months. Great to be with so many like minded people willing to ensure that the Co operative is a voice in future and not just a happening in the past.

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