Co-operatives to take up Corbyn challenge

Ways Forward 6 conference; “Co-operative Solidarity”, takes place in Manchester’s Central Hall on Friday 16th February. Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary, Rebecca Long Bailey, is the keynote speaker.

The conference will bring together over 100 co-operative activists from across the country to develop a framework for building a co-operative economy. Delegates have been asked to rise to the challenge laid down by Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, who commented recently: “I want the public ownership of water, Royal Mail and energy, but I don’t want it to be necessarily a huge state model. I’d rather there was a co-op principle in the way it is run.” He called on “the wider co-operative movement to come forward with your ideas, your enthusiasm, your energy.”

Leading organisations in the co-operative movement have sponsored the conference, including the Co-operative Party and the co-operative umbrella organisation, Co-operatives UK. This reflects a widespread belief that the British economy is in permanent crisis and cannot solve its productivity malaise without the conscious democratic involvement of employees and consumers.

The conference is the sixth in a series organised by Co-operative Business Consultants (CBC) since the first in 2014 called to discuss the crisis of the Co-operative Group and Co-operative Bank. The conferences have developed a reputation for open, honest and frank discussion regarding the major issues facing the co-operative movement.

The February 2018 conference (flier attached) will include a variety of plenary speakers and workshop sessions focusing on how co-operatives can be to the fore in starting to transform our economy.

Sponsored by: Co-operatives UK, Midcounties Co-operative, Co-operative & Community Finance, Unicorn Grocery, Anthony Collins Solicitors, North West Housing Services, Solidarity Economy Association and the Co-operative Party.

The “Co-operative Solidarity” conference will take place in Manchester on Friday 16th February (9.45am-4.30pm) in the Central Hall, Oldham Street M1 1JQ

Full Admission (including lunch and refreshments) is £59.00

For further details, interviews or free media passes contact Martin Meteyard, or 07771 575849.

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