Greater Manchester Tree Station

Greater Manchester Tree Station 

A CBC supported conversion to a Community Benefit Society

The Treestation are good with wood. They make the very best use of timber produced as a by-product of woodland management and urban forestry – for fuel, timber and other uses. Through the Co-operative Enterprise Hub, CBC helped to convert the existing business into a community benefit society, covered the costs of conversion, and advised on their business plan and community shares issue – the first for wood based renewable energy. The organisation wants to secure more contracts for supplying woodchip and to expand its firewood and tree surgery operations, so it has launched a share issue to raise £140,000.

Treasurer, Patrick Brown saidJo Bird has been an enormous help with our share offer. She also guided us through the process of registering as a Community Benefit Society. She went the extra mile with practical help on our business plan and filling Board skills gaps.”

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