Below is a list of links to useful resources and articles to support co-operative enterprise.

Community Shares and Credit Unions
Article from CBC’s Jo Bird

Cooperantics have loads of free resources for coop friendly working practices on their website. In particular Kate, a founder member of CBC, has written a series of easy read booklets “conflict to cooperation

Cultivate is a vast web collection of all things radical and coop.

Rhizome are a UK coop who help people with communications.

Co-operative Friendly and Unfriendly Management Techniques
Most orthodox management techniques are not just designed to run the business, they are also to reproduce the management hierarchy of authority. If we want to encourage cooperative working relationships we should be choosing management techniques that entail participation and team working, not those which control and divide people. This is a handy overview from Bob Cannell. Click to download Coop vs System methods.

Why are your meetings so intolerable? Why not change the way you run them and the way they are structured? Here are some quick tips from Bob. How to make your meetings short and to the point ( or long and waffley – it’s your co-op, it’s your choice). Click to download Meetings Bloody Meetings

A revolutionary co-op friendly school of management techniques. Why ‘normal’ management methods mess up co-ops. Paper given to the UK Society of Cooperative Studies 2010. Click to download Break Free from Our Systems Prison

Democratic decision making in worker co-operatives
Click to download Democratic Decision Making in Worker Co-ops

Why do partnerships and collectives turn nasty? A classic from 1970 sheds some light. Click to download Tyranny of Structurelessness

The information technology revolution will lead to democratic capitalism, says MIT Professor of Management in 21st Century Corporation. Click to download the IT Revolution

Democratic Enterprise. There’s a lot of it about, apparently.
Click to download Democracy and Management

Active research is Learning by Doing. This is Active Business Planning. Better than trying to predict the future from a blank piece of paper. Click to download  Active Business Planning

‘A New Way to Govern’ by Shann Turnbull
A comparison of the hierarchical unitary management of investor-owned businesses with the network governance found in worker owned and controlled businesses. Visit the website for more information.