“Roads to a Democratic Economy” conference


Venue: Central Hall, Oldham St, Manchester M1 1JQ

– FRIDAY, JANUARY 20th 9.30am-4.30pm

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP
Iain Macdonald (former ICA Director General), Cheryl Barrott (Vice Chair, Co-op Party) Josef Davies-Coates, Frances Coppola, Ed Mayo (Secretary General, Co-ops UK), Cliff Mills (Anthony Collins), Jenny Carlyle (SUMA), Syed Maqsood (NWHS), Dr Paul Redgrave (Co-Housing, Leeds), Jo Bird, Bob Cannell and many more

Eve of Conference Supper: An Evening with Angela
Angela Rayner MP
6.30pm Thursday January 19th Central Hall

Debates, Workshops, Case Studies
Our annual conference, organised by Co-operative Business Consultants, aims to discuss and debate co-operative and radical alternatives to austerity and capitalism and help shape our shared vision of a prosperous, caring society based on a democratic economy.

Global Alternatives to Global Capitalism
Hierarchies & Salary Differentials: the Enemies of Co-operation?
Local Assistance for Co-operative Development
Building with Platform Co-ops
Edinburgh Student Housing Co-op: Green Shoots
A Co-operative Blueprint for Older People’s Social Care
Co-op & Community Finance for Co-op Development
Rojava: War Zone Co-operative Economies
Democratisation at the Co-op Group

Who Should Attend? Co-operators, trade unionists and activists from anti-austerity parties and social enterprises looking to shape new progressive practice and policies to combat the austerity agenda and create a society in which all can prosper.
Tickets : Conference £45.00 (lunch and refreshments included) *
: Eve of Conference £14.00 (buffet supper included, limited places)

Full Package Discount: Thursday + Friday sessions: £55.00 (inclusive of meals,
advance payment required )*
*Late Booking Fee (chargeable after January 11th ): £15.00wf5-nov-final-30-nov

REGISTER NOW… pay later or pay now at https://t.co/WQCAsfLrLy

For more details: contact Phil 07901 338700 phil@cbc.coop

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