Speaker Profile: Sheree Hatton

Building an Economy for People Not Profit
January 21st 2016
Speaker profile: Sheree Hatton – Combatting Management Capture Syndrome


Sheree is a member of Suma Wholefoods, the UK’s largest worker owned cooperative, Europe’s largest single pay employer. Co-ops live with the threat of management capture. Suma is an inspiring example of how its workers have avoided accumulating the management fat that can crush the co out of co-operative.

“At Suma, not only do we share our business, we also share the workload – multiskilling across our week. During a typical week I might be checking off incoming goods in the warehouse, taking sales calls, developing our Suma brand through marketing and completing customers’ invoices. Others may work in the office one day and drive a truck the next. I’ve been organising how to educate our newer members about the world of cooperatives, by working with the Cooperative College and recently appointing a Cooperatives Coordinator, who can help plan and develop our cooperatives activities both internally and externally.

“We firmly believe that we are ‘all together better’ and shape our activities around this. I have supported the work that our internal Workers Cooperative group have been doing by creating a cooperatives resources library within Suma. I’ve been working with a team of individuals to see how we can write our departmental plans around key cooperative principles and also externally promoting our unique way of working through magazine publications, web articles and our branded catalogue.”

The “Building An Economy To Serve People And Not Profit” conference will take place in Manchester on Thursday 21st January (10am-4pm) in the Central Hall.
Admission (including lunch and refreshments) is £45.00

For further details, www.wf4.eventbrite.co.uk or contact Phil phil@cbc.coop 07901 338700

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