Speaker Update – Gabriela Buffa confirmed for Ways Forward 3 Conference

CBC is delighted to announce Gabriela Buffa, Chair of the International Co-operative Alliance Youth Network, will speak at Ways Forward 3 conference.

Gabriela is

  •  the Youth Representative on the Board of the International Cooperative Alliance
  • Chair of the ICA Youth Network and
  • hails from Confederacion Cooperativa, Argentina.
  • She is a co-author of Co-operate to Transform Society: the Young Leaders declaration at the 2014 International Summit of Co-operatives, Quebec

Gabriela Buffa joined the board of directors of the IMFC (Instituto Movilizador de Fodos Cooperativos/ Movilizing Institute of Cooperative Funds) as the head of the youth Secretariat back in 2009. Since then, as teacher and educational sciences graduate, she has been working as Educational Adviser at Idelcoop, the IMFC fund for education and technical assistance, where she coordinates capacity-building programmes for cooperative initiatives.

Since 2010, she has been managing the construction of the IMFC’s youth participation space, she took the role of chair of the Youth Committee of Cooperar (Confederación Cooperativa de la República Argentina) in 2012 and since November 2013 the role of youth representative for the International Co-operative Alliance.

She says

“The power of innovation of cooperatives and mutuals lies in their stakeholders’ dedication and ongoing commitment to improving member benefits. This involves finding creative solutions to improving the quality of their products and services, not to mention improving quality of life in their communities.”

“I am glad that you are organising the conference and facilitating people the opportunity to meet and debate these issues”

Booking for the conference is via Eventbrite

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