Unicorn Co-operative Grocery

Unicorn Co-operative Grocery, Manchester

Unicorn are one of CBC’s oldest clients. CBC facilitated Unicorn’s development from an informal collective to a cooperative team management structure. We identified financial support and used our Human Resources/People Management Audit tool to reassure Unicorn members and identify and deliver people skills training (communications, conflict resolution, negotiation techniques, running effective meetings).

CBC subsequently provided support for Unicorn’s strategic planning process, and ‘managing ourselves and each other’, involving preparation of workshop sessions and liaison with key co-op members, facilitation of strategic planning sessions at Members’ Away Days, face to face support to the strategic planning team and mentoring by phone, e-mail and web-based support.

“Thank you very much for the time and effort you have put into our Away Day. I would also like to thank you for the observations you have made and wrote down. I will pass them on to everyone and hopefully from this and our notes and thoughts, we will be able to draw conclusions which will help the business.” Britta Werner, Unicorn Grocery

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