Ways Forward 4


Ways Forward 4: After Jeremy Corbyn’s Election Victory…the Debate
“Building an Economy to Serve People Not Profit”
Venue: Central Hall, Oldham St, Manchester M1 1JQ

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP
Chris Baugh, PCS Deputy General Secretary
Ed Mayo, Secretary General, Co-ops UK
Matt Wrack, Fire Brigades Union, General Secretary
Sheila Coleman, Hillsborough Justice Campaign & Unite Community
Allison Roche, Unison Policy Officer,
Avis Gilmore NUT North West Regional Secretary,
Jo Bird, Co-operative Alternatives,
Martin Meteyard, Co-operative Business Consultants,
Finance Writers Frances Coppola, Andrew Bibby and Paul Gosling,
Author Christian Wolmar,
Jo Bird, Co-operative Alternatives,

Jeremy Corbyn’s comprehensive victory in the Labour leadership election confounded the British establishment, many of whom poured scorn on his anti-austerity stance even though the SNP had stormed to victory in the General Election in Scotland on an anti-austerity platform.

This conference will discuss and debate co-operative and radical alternatives to austerity and capitalism and help us shape our vision of a prosperous caring society based on a People’s Economy.

The new Labour leadership says that nationalisation of some services will be accompanied by co-operative democratic principles in a new People’s Economy. How can this be made to work? The challenge is ours and the time is now!

This conference will bring together experts and activists united in a single desire – to thrash out how a People’s Economy can be shaped to benefit everyone.

Who Should Attend:
The conference has been organised by Co-operative Business Consultants (CBC) in response to widespread enthusiasm amongst co-operative and labour movement activists for shaping new progressive policies to combat the Tory party and create a society in which all can prosper. It is open to all those seeking to create a prosperous caring society.

Tickets £45.00 (lunch and refreshments included)
Booking via Eventbrite here
*Late Booking Fee (chargeable after January 11th: £10.00

For more information, please contact: Phil on 07901 338700 phil@cbc.coop or Andrea on 07956 546110 aenisuoh@hotmail.com


4 thoughts on “Ways Forward 4

  1. Sharing this feedback from WF4 event “Please thank everyone involved in planning the conference. It was knock out! Really enjoyed it. Cilla “

  2. Feedback from Molly Cato MEP “Thanks so much for inviting me yesterday. It was a real pleasure to meet up with co-operative comrades and colleagues.”

  3. Feedback from Andrew Bibby “Phil Frampton and his colleagues at Co-operative Business Consultants can be very pleased at the way their Ways Forward conference in Manchester went off yesterday.”

  4. Comment from Ollie ” I would like toi thank you for an excellent Ways Forward Conference last Thursday. It was interesting , inspiring and informative. I found
    it paticularly pleasing not to meet in a smart hotel & the lunch was
    very tasty. I liked the idea of serving it in the card cointainers.
    Congratualtions & thank you again. I hope to be at the next one!”

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