Ways Forward 5 Conference 2017


21st Century Pioneering Co-ops – New Frontiers     Chair: Jo Bird

Speakers: Vivian Woodell (The Phone Co-op), Ieva Padagaité (Blake House Co-op), Cilla Ross (The Co-op College), Molly Scott Cato MEP (Green Party)

Roads to a Democratic Co-operative Economy     Chair: Martin Meteyard

Speakers: Rebecca Long Bailey MP (Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury), Frances Coppola (finance journalist), Ed Mayo (Co-ops UK), Christine Berry (New Economics Foundation), Ken Loach



 Hierarchies and Salary Differentials… Enemies of Co-operation?     Chair: Nick Milton

Speakers: Bob Cannell (CBC), Jenny Carlyle (SUMA)

Co-op and Community Finance for Co-op Development     Chair: Nick Money

Speakers: Cliff Mills (Anthony Collin Solicitors), Kevin Wan (North West Housing Services), Christine Berry (New Economics Foundation)

The Co-op Group: Where Next for Democratic Member Control?     Chair: Phil Frampton

Speakers: Iain Macdonald (former Director General ICA), Nick Crofts (President, National Members’ Council, The Co-op)

Co-ops Rebuilding War Torn Rojava     Chair: Cath Muller

Speakers: Ercan Ayboga (author), Jo Magpie (Co-op Economy in Rojava & Bakur Project)

The Co-operative Disadvantage     Chair: Olivia Birch

Speaker: Andrew Bibby (finance journalist)

A Co-operative Blueprint for Older People’s Social Care     Chair: Mervyn Eastman

Speakers: Cheryl Barrott (Co-op Party),  Dr Paul Redgrave (Co-housing, Leeds)

The Rise of Platform Co-ops     Chair: Bob Cannell

Speakers: Josef Davies Coates (United Diversity), Lynne Davis (Open Food Network)

Local Assistance for Co-ops     Chair: Jo Bird

Speakers: Councillor Matthew Brown (Preston), Debbie Clarke (Unicorn Grocery)

Co-ops and Brexit     Chair: Martin Meteyard

Speakers: Molly Scott Cato MEP (Green Party)

Green Shoot Co-ops & Edinburgh Student Housing Co-op     Chair: Mike Shaw

Speakers: Pablo Perez Ruiz (Edinburgh Student Housing Co-op), Kati Venho (Students for Co-operation)

This conference will discuss and debate co-operative and radical alternatives to austerity and capitalism and help us shape our vision of a prosperous caring society based on a Democratic Economy.

The new Labour leadership says that nationalisation of some services will be accompanied by co-operative democratic principles in a new People’s Economy. How can this be made to work? The challenge is ours and the time is now!

This conference will bring together experts and activists united in a single desire – to thrash out how a People’s Economy can be shaped to benefit everyone.

Who Should Attend
The conference has been organised by Co-operative Business Consultants (CBC) in response to widespread enthusiasm amongst co-operative and labour movement activists for shaping new progressive policies to create a society in which all can prosper. It is open to all those seeking to create a prosperous caring society.

Tickets £45.00 (lunch and refreshments included)

*Late Booking Fee (chargeable after January 12th: £15.00