Building solidarity co-ops for social justice

Co-operative Business Consultants is a co-operative consortium of individuals and organisations committed to social justice through solidarity co-ops. We operate in the UK and Ireland.

For over a decade we have built a solid reputation for our high quality services to co-ops, working with many start-ups as well as existing businesses.

CBC is active in finding new ways forward and promoting democracy and accountability within the co-operative movement. Since 2014 we have hosted five major conferences and submitted popular proposals to Co-op Congress UK on co-operative identity, living wage, salary ratios and member participation.

We have a unique and principled track record for successful co-op responses to key social justice issues including fair trade, organic food and farming, fan-funded football stadiums, Palestinian solidarity olive oil, credit unions and co-op identity.

CBC directors currently include Jo Bird, Phil Frampton, Bob Cannell and Martin Meteyard. CBC Associates include Nick Money, Footprint, Sharenergy and North West Housing Services.

CBC’s WAYS FORWARD 5 conference – ROADS TO A DEMOCRATIC ECONOMY is on January 20th in Manchester.

Speakers include Ken Loach, film director; Shadow Secretary to the Treasury, Rebecca Long-Bailey MP; Iain Macdonald, former Director General of ICA; Cheryl Barrott ,Vice Chair, Co-op Party; Frances Coppola, journalist;, Cilla Ross, Co-op College and many more.  You could register here

To get a flavour of 2016’s highly successful previous annual conference, full video presentations from plenary sessions and two workshops are here. Speaker notes from the day are here and post-conference comment here.